Prestige Ionic Hair Styling Tool Featured On TV – Is it worth the money ?

prestige ionic styler


Typically women have to arm themselves with different hair styling tools depending on what they want to do with their hair that end up taking cupboard space. The Prestige Ionic Styler is a revolutionary new 4-in-1 hair styler that will give you professional hair styling results and not have to worry about ever burning your hands like traditional stylers. It’s easy to use and can be interchangeably used by either hand.

The Prestige Ionic Styler will easily straighten, curl, add volume and shine to your hair making it look like you jsut stepped out of a salon. You’ll have more control with this hair styler and be able to syle your hair to make it look its best in just minutes. You’ll be able to transform damaged or dull hair into healthy shiny hair.

The secret behind the Prestige Ionic Styler is it’s dual ionic ceramic core which sends frizz-fighting ion molecules from the core through the ion bristles that helps turn any damaged hair into smooth and shiny hair. This hair styler combines a flat iron, curling iron, conical wand and round brush in one incredible device. This device will provide everything you need to keeping your hair full of bounce, body and looking beautiful.

Unlike traditional hair styling tools like heated curling irons, the Prestige Ionic Styler is safe to the touch so you never have to worry about burning your hands. Easily control the heat settings depending on what your hair type is. It can be easily controlled using both hands to create a variety of looks to create a perfect choreographed styling routine.


  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Ceramic Barrel
  • Instant Heat
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip
  • 3 Minute Styling
  • Cool to the Touch
  • Dual Ionic Ceramic Technology
  • Curls, Straightens, Shines and Volumizes Hair


“I almost purchase another Ionic Hair Styler which is also featured As Seen on TV but decided to get the Prestige Ionic Styler since it only costs a fraction of the price. I have long hair which can sometimes be a headache to manage which can be especially frustrating in the morning when I’m trying to look my best before work. This hair styling tool does a great job without getting tangled. I like how it instantly heats up and I can use it to either curl or straighten my hair depending on how I feel. It gets easier with every use. I’ve gotten many compliments on my hair since I started using it. This is a hair styling tool that any woman would love.” -Tatiana Reva

For more information on the Prestige Ionic Styler or other great deals on As Seen on TV products visit


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